Hello and Welcome to Badlands Coffee Co.

We are a family owned coffee roastery in southwest Saskatchewan. As a wholesaler of specialty coffee and a retailer of brewing equipment, our mission is to supply freshly-roasted coffee to you throughout your journey.


Little did we know a seemingly simple tradition would kick-start our coffee roasting adventure. For as long as we've been married, the first gift exchanged on Christmas morning has been a bag of whole bean specialty coffee to enjoy while watching our kids open gifts. Years went by and our interest in the specialty coffee world grew.  One day, Dallas' sister gifted us a bag of small batch specialty coffee that was roasted in Calgary, Alberta. The coffee was so flavourful and fresh - we were officially hooked! Shortly thereafter, Dallas received unroasted coffee beans and a small table top roaster for his birthday. Dallas kept busy roasting for friends and family, quickly outgrowing that little roaster and our business was born! 

In 2018, we were excited to invest in a larger roaster and officially launch Badlands Coffee Co.

You can now find our coffee at these great Saskatchewan businesses:

Swift Current